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What often accompanies toil automation that leaders should be prepared for?

Blameless culture
Linear scaling of work with complexity
Resistance to change
Shared vision

What is continuous delivery?

Deploying to production frequently, or at the rate the business chooses.
Deploying a change in service to a group of users who don’t know they are receiving the change.
Building, integrating, and testing code within the development environment.
Minimizing time between build and deployment.

Which DevOps pillar led to Google SRE practices, such as SLOs and error budgets, that promote shared ownership between developers and SREs?

Implement gradual change
Leverage tooling and automation
Reduce organizational silos
Accept failure as normal

What are the five steps in design thinking methodology?

Empathize, Define, Design, Prototype, Test
Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test, Resolve
Empathize, Discuss, Ideate, Prototype, Test
Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test

Which is the term that describes breaking down the silos and closing gaps between development and operations teams?
Site Reliability Engineering

What is a service-level objective (SLO)?

The amount of unreliability you are willing to tolerate.
Code that is built, integrated, and tested within the development environment.
An indicator of how well your service is doing at any moment in time.
A precise numerical target for system reliability.

What is one benefit of measuring toil?

It triggers a reduction effort.
It allows design thinking.
It reveals error budget burn.
It helps SREs choose SLIs.

Your team members are unsure what goals they are trying to achieve within the team. What part of your team vision should you work to clarify?

The mission
Service-oriented meetings
The strategy
The values

What do OKRs primarily help an organization do?

Share feedback
Overcome biases
Set goals

Generally, whose experience with a production service determines its availability?

The customer’s
The operator’s
The developer’s
The SRE’s

What does Google recommend you do with the four golden signals?

Translate data
Automate features
Monitor the system
Create SLIs

Which phase of the SRE journey includes automating toil?

Reliability Measurement
Make Tomorrow Better than Today
SLOs with Consequences
Regulate Workload

What does a blameless postmortem not help with?

Avoiding multiplying complexity
Decreasing engineering costs incurred after launch
Ensuring that all the root causes are properly understood by the team
Reducing the likelihood of stressful outages

Why should toil be limited to a bounded part of the SRE role?

It helps IT teams decide what to automate.
It frees SREs to completely focus on reliability work.
It allows SREs to focus on project work without worrying about the team's SLOs.
It prevents SREs from doing only sysadmin work.

SREs are regularly on-call and required to solve problems fast. What is a primary skill SREs need for this?

System architecting
Operations and software engineering
Monitoring systems

What can you build with your team by acknowledging your own fallibility as a leader?

Unified vision
Psychological safety
Data-driven decision making
Service-level indicators (SLIs)

You've decided to adopt SRE practices and culture in your company. As change begins to happen, you notice that Naveen, one of your operations managers is avoiding new protocols and continuing with his normal work routine. In which group of people would you categorize Naveen?


Which type of SRE team implementation does Google recommend for an organization's first SRE team?

Kitchen Sink

SREs believe that change is best when what?

Small and frequent
Fast and big
Small and dispersed
Frequent and global
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