Insurance Claim Process Managed and Monitored with Serverless360

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Madhavankovai 님의 글: Insurance Claim Process Managed and Monitored with Serverless360
The business problem for this use case was to consolidate and centralize the processing of insurance claims into a new solution. The need is to provide a centralized source of truth for claims and centralized partner management followed by processing and then offload the claim to be handled locally by the regional office under additional local market rules.

The solution would provide a single point of integration for partners who would work in multiple territories and centralized management of claims at the first point of contact.

Serverless360 Business Activity Monitoring

Serverless360 Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) is a crucial part of the solution. We implement BAM in the claims processing area when receiving thousands of claims per day and having many key background processes acting on the data received from partners.

Serverless360 BAM can accept telemetry about business milestones from the technologies within the solution by performing distributed tracing .

We created BAM processes to collect and return claims from partners and implemented BAM business processes covering background processes like the claims processing engine.
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