[ASF] Apache OpenJPA 2.4.2 released

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09 Jan 2017 09:07 - 10 Jan 2017 08:58 #1675 작성자: osstech
osstech 님의 글: [ASF] Apache OpenJPA 2.4.2 released
OpenJPA는 Java Persistence API를 구현한 오픈 소스입니다.

2017년 1월 6일 OpenJPA 2.4.2 릴리즈되었습니다.

Announce : mail-archives.us.apache.org/mod_mbox/www...zimbra@tirasa.net%3E

수정된 버그

  • [OPENJPA-2245] - NotSerializableException when using a remote QueryCache and the Criteria API
    [OPENJPA-2631] - ClassCastException occurs when an equals comparison query is executed on an entity with an @EmbeddedId that contains more than one field.
    [OPENJPA-2632] - select new not working if result class is not in same classloader
    [OPENJPA-2636] - Custom plugins (e.g. JDBCListener, DBDictionary) can cause Classloader leaks.
    [OPENJPA-2640] - Cannot use custom DBDictionary with Maven plugin
    [OPENJPA-2650] - When SchemaFactory and useSchemaName=false is set, a schema name is incorrectly used.
    [OPENJPA-2651] - IDs of entities are incorrectly assigned when @SqlResultSetMapping is used with inheritance and a ManyToOne relationship.
    [OPENJPA-2672] - ConfigurationImpl.loadGlobals() has java.util.ConcurrentModificationException vulnerability
    [OPENJPA-2674] - JarFile is not closed
    [OPENJPA-2675] - Missing check for null parameter in equals()
    [OPENJPA-2676] - openjpa relies on default locale
    [OPENJPA-2684] - Persistence entities not recognized in Wildfly 10 if in a JAR

기능 향상

  • [OPENJPA-2660] - Resolve Maven warnings
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