[Redis] Stable 4.0.1 Version Released

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03 Aug 2017 23:23 #2574 작성자: zero1320
zero1320 님의 글: [Redis] Stable 4.0.1 Version Released
Redis 4.0.1 Released Mon Jul 24 15:51:31 CEST 2017

Upgrade urgency MODERATE: A few serious but non critical bugs in the modules
subsystem. A rare Redis Cluster crash fixed.
Many other minor fixes.

Hi everybody. This is the first patch level release of Redis 4.0, fixing the
obvious last minute issues discovered just after the 4.0.0 GA release, plus
a few other things that were no-brainers. The highlights here in terms
of bug fixing are:

1. Loading two or more modules exporting native data types resulted into the
inability to reload the RDB file.
2. Crash in modules when calling from Lua scripts module commands that would
3. A Redis Cluster crash due to mis-handling of the "migrate-to" internal
4. Other smaller fixes not worth of a release per se, but nice to add here.

Change Log: raw.githubusercontent.com/antirez/redis/4.0/00-RELEASENOTES

다운로드: redis.io/download

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