[Linux] Linux Kernel 4.12 Released

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20 Jul 2017 16:15 #2450 작성자: jeikina
jeikina 님의 글: [Linux] Linux Kernel 4.12 Released
리누스 토발즈가 리눅스 커널 4.12 버전을 발표했습니다. (7/2)

* Linux kernel 4.12 features
1.One of the biggest changes in Linux kernel 4.12 comes in the form of support for AMD’s Vega GPUs by the AMDGPU driver. It’s an initial support; more improvements would be made in the future.
2.Switching to the world of NVIDIA, Linux kernel 4.12 brings initial GTX 1000 Pascal accelerated support. However, currently, there isn’t any re-clocking support.
3.Two new I/O schedulers have also found a place in Linux kernel. These schedulers are Facebook’s Kyber I/O scheduler and BFQ (Budget Fair Queueing). The other disk/file related features are XFS support for GETFSMAP and RAID 5/6 fixes.
4.In Linux kernel 4.12, the Intel atomic mode is turned on by default. This setting allows setting the output modes easily and avoiding any ugly situation.
5.The POWER 9 and POWER architectures now support up to 512TB of virtual address spaces. Improvements have also been made to power management in Gemini Lake chips.

> 참고 링크
* kernelnewbies.org/Linux_4.12
* New Feature -> www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&i...x-412-features&num=1
* 다운로드 -> www.kernel.org/
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20 Jul 2017 16:57 #2451 작성자: short3300
short3300 님의 답글: [Linux] Linux Kernel 4.12 Released
리눅스 커널은 여전히 토발즈옹이 뭔가 하고 있는건가요?
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