[Scalr] Scalr agent 5.7.4 released

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29 Jun 2017 13:01 #2281 작성자: dolphin
dolphin 님의 글: [Scalr] Scalr agent 5.7.4 released
Latest: 5.7.4
Released: 2017-06-28

* Added: Orchestration on CoreOS host using SystemD
* Improved: Ensure that Scalarizr is released with latest SSL certificates
* Improved: For performance reasons replace DescribeVolumes with DescribeInstances everywhere it was possible
* Improved: Reporting of unknown filesystem error
* Improved: Revise Redis automation on SystemD platforms
* Fixed: AWS > All device names already used on d2.8xlarge
* Fixed: Azure > Bootstrap with Chef error on Windows image where chef-client is already installed
* Fixed: BlockDeviceMounted message is missing (since 5.6.0)
* Fixed: Error description missed in RebundleResult (since 5.5.0)
* Fixed: Libcloud returns "Failed to parse XML" when snapshot does not exist
* Fixed: Random traceback in container_stats API
* Fixed: RemoteSystemdServiceProvider.ctl() must not return NoneType
* Fixed: Storage > mountpoint with spaces does not work
* Fixed: UnicodeEncode error in SystemD platforms
* Fixed: UpdateClient doesn't respect ssl_verify_peer=False

출처 : update.scalr.net/
29 Jun 2017 22:44 #2285 작성자: ninemmpo
ninemmpo 님의 답글: [Scalr] Scalr agent 5.7.4 released
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