Consider a single hierarchy of GCP resources. Which of these situations is possible? (Choose all that are correct. Choose 3 responses.)
There is an organization node, and there is at least one folder.
There is no organization node, and there are no folders.
Service accounts are used to provide which of the following? (Choose all that are correct. Choose 3 responses.)
A way to allow users to act with service account permissions
Authentication between Google Cloud Platform services
What is the difference between IAM primitive roles and IAM predefined roles?
Primitive roles affect all resources in a GCP project. Predefined roles apply to a particular service in a project.
*True or False*: All Google Cloud Platform resources are associated with a project.
*True or False*: In Google Cloud IAM: if a policy applied at the project level gives you Owner permissions, your access to an individual resource in that project might be restricted to View permission if someone applies a more restrictive policy directly to that resource.
Your Cloud Storage objects live in buckets. Which of these characteristics do you define on a per-bucket basis? Choose all that are correct (3 correct answers).
A geographic location
A default storage class
A globally-unique name
Why would a customer consider the Coldline storage class?
To save money on storing infrequently accessed data.
*True or False*: Google Cloud Load Balancing allows you to balance HTTP-based traffic across multiple Compute Engine *regions.*
For which of these interconnect options is a Service Level Agreement available?
Dedicated Interconnect
Which statement is true about Google VPC networks and subnets?
Networks are global; subnets are regional
An application running in a Compute Engine virtual machine needs high-performance scratch space. Which type of storage meets this need?
Local SSD
Choose an application that would be suitable for running in a Preemptible VM.
A batch job that can be checkpointed and restarted
*True or False:* Kubernetes allows you to manage container clusters in multiple cloud providers.
*True or False:* Google Cloud Platform provides a secure, high-speed container image storage service for use with Kubernetes Engine.
Identify two reasons for deploying applications using containers. (Choose 2 responses.)
Simpler to migrate workloads
Consistency across development, testing, production environments
Which of these criteria would make you choose App Engine Flexible Environment, rather than Standard Environment, for your application? Choose all that are correct (2 correct responses).
Wider range of choices for application language
Ability to ssh in
Name 3 advantages of using the App Engine Flexible Environment over App Engine Standard. Choose all that are true (3 correct answers).
You can SSH in to your application
You can install third-party binaries
Your application can write to local disk
Which statements are true about App Engine? Choose all that are true (2 correct answers).
App Engine manages the hardware and networking infrastructure required to run your code.
It is possible for an App Engine application's daily billing to drop to zero.
Name 3 advantages of using the App Engine Standard Environment over App Engine Flexible. Choose all that are true (3 correct answers).
Google provides and maintains runtime binaries
Billing can drop to zero if your application is idle
Scaling is finer-grained
You want to gradually decompose a pre-existing monolithic application, not implemented in GCP, into microservices. Which GCP service should you choose?
Apigee Edge
You want to do business analytics and billing on a customer-facing API. Which GCP service should you choose?
Apigee Edge
You want to support developers who are building services in GCP through API logging and monitoring. Which GCP service should you choose?
### Cloud Endpoints
Name three use cases for the Google Cloud Machine Learning Platform (Select 3 answers).
Content personalization
Fraud detection
Sentiment analysis
Name two use cases for Google Cloud Dataproc (Select 2 answers).
Migrate on-premises Hadoop jobs to the cloud
Data mining and analysis in datasets of known size
Name three use cases for Cloud Pub/Sub (Select 3 answers).
Analyzing streaming data
Decoupling systems
Internet of Things applications
Which statements are true about BigQuery? Choose all that are true (2 statements).
BigQuery lets you run fast SQL queries against large databases.
BigQuery is a good choice for data analytics warehousing.