1. Sub-hour billing

Google was the first major cloud provider to deliver per-second billing for its Infrastructure-as-a-Service compute offering, Google Compute Engine. Per-second billing is offered for users of Compute Engine, Kubernetes Engine (container infrastructure as a service), Cloud Dataproc (the open-source Big Data system Hadoop as a service), and App Engine flexible environment VMs (a Platform as a Service).

2. Sustained-use discounts

Google Compute Engine offers automatically applied sustained-use discounts, which are automatic discounts that you get for running a virtual-machine instance for a significant portion of the billing month. Specifically, when you run an instance for more than 25% of a month, Compute Engine automatically gives you a discount for every incremental minute you use for that instance.

3. Compute Engine custom machine types

Custom virtual machine types allow Google Compute Engine virtual machines to be fine-tuned for their applications, so that you can tailor your pricing for your workloads