Nginx Plus에 다음과 같은 기능이 있더라구요!

뒷단에 연계되어 있는 WAS가 기동되고 나서 약간의 latency를 주면 클라이언트에서 서버에러를 보게되는 경우가 좀 줄지 않을까 싶어요 :)


Server Slow Start

The server slow start feature prevents a recently recovered server from being overwhelmed by connections, which may timeout and cause the server to be marked as failed again.

In NGINX Plus, slow start allows an upstream server to gradually recover its weight from zero to its nominal value after it has been recovered or became available. This can be done with the slow_start parameter of the server directive:

upstream backend {
server slow_start=30s;
server backup;

The time value sets the time for the server will recover its weight.

Note that if there is only a single server in a group, max_fails, fail_timeout, and slow_start parameters will be ignored and this server will never be considered unavailable.