• 테이블 또는 하나 이상의 글로벌 보조 인덱스에게 허용되는 최대 할당 처리량 초과 (예:  particular Hash Key)
  • If none of the items can be processed due to insufficient provisioned throughput on all of the tables in the request, then BatchGetItem will return a ProvisionedThroughputExceededException. If at least one of the items is successfully processed, then BatchGetItem completes successfully, while returning the keys of the unread items in UnprocessedKeys.

ValidationException (Too many items requested for the BatchGetItem call)

  • If you request more than 100 items BatchGetItem
  • For example, if you ask to retrieve 100 items, but each individual item is 300 KB in size, the system returns 52 items (so as not to exceed the 16 MB limit). It also returns an appropriate UnprocessedKeys value so you can get the next page of results. If desired, your application can include its own logic to assemble the pages of results into one data set.